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Colette Bennett

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Lissa is obsessed with Ancestral, the latest and greatest battle arena co-op game out there—and she's really good at it. If she wants to get to the top, she will have to band together with her best friend Ji-Soo—and their friends Ray, Zio, Jae-Jin, and Lucas—to become Team Phoenix. But the road to victory has its twists and turns: Lissa is haunted by the loss of her brother, Ji-Soo's got a crush on Jae-Jin, and they’re up against the number one team in the region, Mastermind, a group of frat boys who aren't afraid to play dirty. The odds feel stacked against them, but Team Phoenix is determined to rise from the ashes.

Advance reviews for Enter the Meta

"The digital world of Ancestral is fascinatingly rendered, coming across as both novel and recognizable to gamers ... originally wrought" - Kirkus

"Enter the Meta is a love letter to the games we play and the friends we make playing them. A smart, exhilarating debut from a fresh and exciting new voice." - Garon Cockrell, author of Demonic and Other Tales and The Darkest Hours

"An engaging exploration of friendships, fandom, and the emotional struggles of being a young adult." -Cayce Osborne, author of I Know What You Did

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